Devotional, Wed, Oct 8th

Wednesday, October 8

Ephesians 5:2 And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.


Former member of both the church and choir, Abe Lyttle, reflected on his life at church in an interview with Winnie McCormick. Hear his reflections on how he walked in love (and humor and joy) through his engagement at church.

Abe Lyttle was born in 1915 in Ware, Massachusetts. His family moved to Gilbertville and then when he was 9 years old to Springfield. He was raised a Presbyterian and attended a small church. His father was Clerk of Session. In those days only men were elders. During his time in the choir Abe directed the choir for 5 or 6 years. There were other choir directors he remembers. Evelyn Towle was the director when the choir put on an opera at the Masonic Temple. Norma Puricelli was in it. He thinks the opera was called “The Grasshopper.” Another time the choir sang at Christmas at the East Montpelier Center Church. The church had no electricity and the choir members had to use flashlights when they sang. T. Murdock Hale was the minister at the time. When Rev. Hale went to leave church he found his rubbers frozen to the floor!

Abe remembers having a lot of fun in those days. “We didn’t spend money,” he recalls, “We didn’t have it.”   Abe also remembers the prayer breakfast held at church every Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM. The average attendance each week was about 20 people. “Ken & Lily Tucker made sticky buns. Boy, were they good!” Ruth Frigon also used to come, as well as people from Graniteville.

One Good Friday while getting the Prayer Breakfast ready, the heater exploded at about 6:00 AM. “It sounded like a 5 inch cannon going off.” Abe was standing by the kitchen sink. Rudolf Jackman was thrown against the kitchen shelf. Unfazed, they cleaned up.” People came at 6:15 and at 7:00 we had the service. Afterwards, Rudy drove his own car up to the hospital to get checked. Rudy used to preach once and awhile at the breakfast, too.” Since Abe & Ellen were unable to be in church, our church choir went and sang with the Lyttle’s in their home. Choir members miss Abe’s presence.

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