12.8.14 devotion.

God and Saviour, our Holy Friend, you bring down the arrogant and lift up the fallen, please deal with us according to our diverse needs, for the power of evil is pervasive, and we need a Saviour.

If we have filled our minds with vain imaginings, or puffed up our souls with pride,

confront us and decontaminate us, redeeming God.

If we have openly professed you, yet inwardly preferred our own crooked ideas and prejudices to your Word in the Son of Mary,

confront us and straighten us, redeeming God.

If like the foolish rich we have surrounded our lives with numerous possessions, and have reaped insecurity and discontent,

confront us and reclaim us, redeeming God.

If we have spent so long among our own broken vows and failed visions, that we have stopped caring and made a cynical pact with greed and injustice,

confront us and deliver us, redeeming God.


Merciful God, by your relentless compassion, expose our sins and deliver us from all evil. Go to work on that shining likeness to Christ that is deep within us, and which too often becomes denied or defaced, and by your saving grace restore us. Give us the faith to leave the past behind, and to again name ourselves as your children. In the name of Christ Jesus, your True Word.


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