10.29.14 devotionals

1 Peter 4:9 Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.



Saint Maximos the Confessor (580–662) once said, “Blessed is the one who can love all people equally . . . always thinking good of everyone.” This teaching follows many of Jesus’ teachings about loving neighbor. How quickly we can slip from a stance of overall satisfaction to general disgruntlement. And as we slip down that slope, we can find ourselves in quite a pickle. As we hold onto resentments, wrongs done to us, many things about which we can be “justifiable” grumbling and grumpy…we miss out on the freedom, liberation and new life to which God invites us. When we can love all, think good of all, we find both blessing and happiness (and, of course, those of whom we think good find freedom and love, too).

Question for reflection:

What ways have you been able to use the church community as a kind of testing ground for “thinking good of everyone” or demonstrating hospitality without grumbling? What is it like, for you, to think good of everyone? What is it like to demonstrate hospitality without grumbling?

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